Why should I care how strong I am if I just want to look better naked?

An excellent article that we came across, courtesty of RWS CrossFit, about how getting strong turns into looking better naked.

The link is here: http://www.rwscrossfit.com/Real-Life-Applications/Why-should-I-care-about-how-strong-I-am-if-I-just-wanna-look-better-naked.html

And an excerpt from the article is below …

The thought that is not often voiced but secretly lurks at the back of many people’s minds is “I just wanna look better naked—what the hell am I lifting this stupid weight for? Something about ‘toned’ meaning the same thing as ‘strong’…eh may as well shut up and do it, this stuff seems to be working so far.” Fear not, gentle readers, for I’ve pieced together some observations regarding what reliably happens to people who spend appreciable time under the bar.