Warrior Dash 2010

Jennifer Sirko from CrossFit Central CT sent us an e-mail regarding the first ever Warrior Dash in the Northeast. The website for the event can be found here. The e-mail she sent us, in hopes to get a number of participants from CT CrossFits together, is below. If you are interested, please contact one of the coaches so we can coordinate t-shirts, times, and possibly transportation.

Hello there,
Just wanted to reach out to all of you to see if you and your members would be interested in doing the Warrior Dash. There are a bunch of us from CrossFit Central CT that have signed up for September 18th in Windham, NY. The Warrior Dash is a 3.23 mile course with 13 obstacles, (descriptions came from their site):

1. Knee High Hell – speed step through hundreds of tires
2. Warrior Wall – conquer a wooden a barricade
3. Tunnels of Terror – burrow through the black tunnels
4. Black Forest – forge your way through uncharted forest
5. Slithering Swamp – venture into unknown murky waters
6. Walk the Plank – traverse the gully on wooden planks
7. Rip Van Winkle Way – cross the bridge before growing weary
8. Rio Run – dash down the river
9. Cargo Climb – maneuver over cargo nets
10. Flagstone Stack – scale a slate wall
11. Catskill Skid – slosh down a slippery slope
12. Warrior Roast – leap over warrior fires
13. Muddy Mayhem – scramble beneath barbed wire as you near the finish

You get a free shirt, custom Warrior medals and Warrior viking helmet, yes you read that correctly a viking helmet! I was thinking it might be nice to have CrossFit Connecticut shirts printed up with our logos/cities on the back so we can all represent during the race! Just an idea so let me know what you think or if you’d be interested in joining us. You can check out the event information and register at Warrior Dash – Northeast Use Crossfit as the Promo Code and it will take off $5 from the registration fee.

I hope some of you will want to join us!

Jennifer Sirko

Crossfit Central CT
221 Newfield Ave
Hartford CT 06106

18 Responses so far.

  1. rocky says:
    Do you think Warrior Dash can come to North Carolina…maybe Hickory or Charlotte?
  2. Greg says:
    I don’t recall any slate wall, but then again, after running, then jogging, then eventually walking uphill for a least 1,000m, it all got a little fuzzy. I do recall 3 wooden walls, each about 4′ tall, and water that was somewhere between slush and liquid it was so cold!
  3. Brian says:
    I just looked around their site, and although they have a photo of the wall, you can’t really tell how high it is. I haven’t been able to get a clear number to the height either, probably because it’s different every time they put it up and take it down. Doesn’t look to be mammoth though.
  4. Damarise says:
    how high is the slate wall?
  5. Jennifer says:
    Hey there….It’s Jennifer from CrossFit Nor’Easter, formally CrossFit Central CT. I would still love to get our boxes together along with some of the other affiliates in the area for this. All my contact information was “accidentally” deleted from my old email so I no longer have anyone’s emails. We are still interested in t-shirts too for the event…contact me if you guys are still interested. jennifer@crossfit-noreaster.com
  6. Just signed myself up for the 11:30am wave as well. I’ll also be sleeping (read:collapsing) at the [Steve] Winwood Resort …
  7. Greg says:
    I’m in for the 11:30 start, and we are staying at the Winwood Resort, along with the the “master web master” and his fleet-footed girl friend!

    There is a Mexican restaurant at the resort, which means there is tequila, which means Margaritas, which means….a rough Sunday.

  8. Claudine says:
    Update – hotel name is Winwood…located at 5220 State Rte 23 in Windham NY (518) 734-4300, located on Windham Mountain.
  9. Claudine says:
    We got a room at the Windham Resort. Not rustic, but not cheap. But yes, I am willing to pay $200 for the night so I am guaranteed a shower. And it’s close so we can enjoy the free beer!

    When I tried to book a room online, the website told me those dates weren’t available. I then called the hotel directly and they booked the room for me. I guess September is too far in advance to book a room online, only by telephone.

    My husband and I are registered for the 11:30 am wave.

  10. CrossFit Cheshire says:
    OK, so what hotel/motel looks close to the event and not too “rustic”?
  11. Claudine says:
    So our hotel room is booked…should we ask for the 11:30 slot when registering? Does everyone seem to be on the same page with that time?
  12. Jessica says:
    Nice! I’ve been emailing with Jen from Crossfit Central and so far were all signed up for the 11:30 slot. See if you can get into that one before that slot closes! Even if it does, all the slots are 30 min apart, and I think it will be an all day event, so everyone will be hanging out.
  13. Brian Vagnini says:
    I know Gregorio, myself and my little lady are in. And I’ve got another possible 2 friends who want in as well. So, soon as El Cap-i-tan tells us what our next move, we can lock this thing down! …

    PS: why hadn’t I heard about this free beer yet?!

  14. Jessica says:
    Believe it or not Josh and I are definitely planning on doing it (right after our honeymoon) and I already have three Stamford PD girls joining. Anyone from CFC in? There are time slots so lets all plan on a time and sign up. Free beer after 🙂
  15. Marianne says:
    I think I can think of better things to do on a honeymoon!!
    sorry Greg… I gotta think about this one.. sounds fun, but it is still sailing season!!
  16. Greg says:
    Or, you could make this your honeymoon… 😉
  17. Jessica says:
    Ooh like the looks of this! If Im not on my honeymoon I’ll b there!