Warrior Dash 2010: Recap

Here are a few shots of the CFC group at the Warrior Dash, at Windham Mountain, from this past weekend. In attendance from the gym were Greg D, Josh C, Jess C, Dave S, Claudine G, and Kevin Z. Everyone had an incredible time, and we’re hoping to have an even bigger group next year … with matching viking uniforms … or maybe just t-shirts!

For even more photos from the event click here to goto the Facebook album.

Before we knew what we were getting ourselves into.

CrossFit Cheshire at the Warrior Dash 2010

After we realized we would most certainly be back next year!

CrossFit Cheshire at the Warrior Dash 2010

CrossFit Cheshire at the Warrior Dash 2010

Outside the restaurant, about to enjoy some hard-earned brews.

CrossFit Cheshire at Warrior Dash 2010

Enjoying those hard-earned brews!

CrossFit Cheshire at the Warrior Dash 2010

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  1. Agreed, padrino! Let me know when I need to sign up for next year’s good times. Awesome weekend.
  2. Greg says:
    Thanks Brooke. Upon reflection, it really was a great time from start to finish. Fantastic members and friends; perfect weather; nervous energy before the start; exhaustion and fatigue throughout the course; dirty, ugly, muddy finish; hugs and high fives following; exhilarating clean up and shower; beer, food, and laughs the rest of the day.
    Big meal that night – with more beers – and a good night’s sleep. The next morning a hearty breakfast with the group at a local diner before heading home. Perfect weekend!
  3. Claudine says:
    Best. Day. Ever.
  4. Claudine says:
    Best. Day. Ever.
  5. Brooke says:
    That’s awesome!! You guys look amazing…Go CFC!