Top Athletes, Optimal Health, and GPP

Nick M is a firefighter who has been training at CFC since October. When Nick first began, he could only do assisted pull ups with a band. With determination and focus, Nick is a regular who pushes himself on every WOD. Nick has worked on a “kipping” pull up for a while now, and during yesterday’s WOD (400m run, 21 Front Squat, 21 Pull ups, 15 Push Press, 15 Pull ups, 9 Thrusters, 9 Pull ups, and a 400m run), Nick used the prescribed weight of 95 lbs and completed all of his pull ups without the use of a band! That is a huge accomplishment and shows what hard work and determination can do. Nick is now working on a Muscle Up, and no doubt he will get that too.

Not only does CrossFit training produce top athletes, optimal health, and GPP (General Physical Preparedness), it produces attractive physiques, as recognized by Nick’s wife during our recent FaceBook communication: “Thank you for his most handsome rock hard muscles what a stud nick is.”

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  1. Speaking of athletes … I took a tour of the new Jets training facility on Saturday, and James Ihedigbo took us on a tour of the facility. When we got to the (incredible) workout facility they have, he spoke a little bit about what they do in the gym, and oddly enough the first two exercises he mentioned were the push press and cleans. He said they focus on a lot on shoulders, back and the core. He then went on to talk about a variety of different exercises that the CF program utilizes, like box jumps. Thought it was interesting. If pro athletes are using these exercises, then I can’t imagine why everyone isn’t.
  2. claudine says:
    Very inspiring! Go Nick!