Tom S @ the NAGA

Tom S entered the Newark North American Grappling Association (NAGA) Tournament this past weekend and, despite having to enter in the Expert Division due to his high school wrestling experience, has not had any formal training since his high school days. In addition to this, Tom just failed to make weight at just over 200 lbs, meaning he had to enter the Heavy weight division at the low end, when everyone else in that division was in the 220 plus lb range. Despite these initial setbacks, Tom won his first match, submitting a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu purple belt in a guillotine! He did not fare as well in his next match, getting choked out by another 220 plus pound fighter who was also a wrestler with a purple belt in BJJ. Tom has a “pair” on him, entering the largest grappling tournament on the East Coast, going into a weight division where he was 20 lbs less than the other competitors, and matching up with MMA fighters and grapplers who train year round for this one event. Props to Tom for submitting his first opponent and making the second one have to scramble for a while before prevailing. Love seeing him with that arm raised wearing our CFC shirt!

CrossFit Cheshire

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  1. Wow. Stones. Very, very big stones. Well done, Tom.