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December 14th, 2009: Dave M’s Kipping

Congratulations to Dave M, who already has begun to incorporate an impressive kipping pull up. Dave is proof that long limbed-athletes are able to do well with gymnastic movements (thereby killing my excuse).

December 11th, 2009: Olympic Lifts

Pam D and Mr. Migs check out each others’ forms while practicing their Olympic lifts. The camera is not fast enough to capture Migs’ “speed under the bar”! The wearing of the CFC shirt has been scientifically proven to cause “unprecedented increases in work capacity across broad time and modal domains” …

December 11th, 2009: WOD

Pat W, Marianne U, and Justine L hitting it hard during a Push Jerk / Box Jump / KB Sumo Dead Lift High Pull WOD on Dec 11. Relentlessly, without abatement, they attack each WOD.

December 11th, 2009: AS Program

The AS program, under the direction of Coach Chris, continues to grow in popularity. Coach Chris keeps the athletes focused and working, while having fun at the same time. Coach Chris has an aresenal of drills, exercises, and workouts that keep his athletes on their toes and on top of their game!

CFC at the Philadelphia 1/2 Marathon

Brian V (our website guru), who trains at CFC whenever he is in CT, and his girlfriend Julie, who won first place in FGB at our first annual S.O.L.E. (Special Olympics / Law Enforcement) Fitness Challenge this year, ran the Half Marathon in Philadelphia on Sunday, November 22 (which is why they could not join us at the Hot COCO 5K on Saturday) …