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As I drive to and from CFC every day, I can’t help but notice people jogging/running. It’s certainly a good thing that they are exercising and getting fresh air, but the bad thing is, they don’t look very fit. Don’t get me wrong, I applaud their effort and their intention; it’s just I think they are not being smart about what they are trying to do.

“2010 Fitness Trends: Efficient, Cheap and Trendy”

Several of the topics addressed in the recently published “2010 Fitness Trends” pertain directly to CrossFit training. The American Council on Exercise made specific mention of four areas that are already incorporated into CrossFit training: Time Efficient Workouts, Group Training, Importance of Proper Professional Credentials, and Boomer Specific Programs

“Baby Boomers May Face High Disability Rates”

Read this entire article, which explains why — if we are to enjoy our “golden years”, we need to make fitness a priority now …