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August 11th, 2010: “Lyme Disease” WOD

Vacation does not mean you still can’t CrossFit! Testing out our upcoming WOD “Lyme Disease”; Guinea Pigs included Jay & Michelle, Brian (web site guy) & Julie, and me & Vilma at the Lyme School.

Death By Prowler

Brian and Jules came up from NJ and — after Death By Push-Press — put some time in on The Prowler (imagine what Jules could do if she wasn’t in those flip-flops!).

February 6th, 2010: Guts Poker

The Saturday 9:00 Guts Poker game had our web designer Brian V, Jen L, Dave S, Amy F, and Marianne U pony up. After 20 minutes of everything (when was the last time you had to do “Zercher” squats with a sandbag?), Jen L walked away with a cool $5 in hard cash and a mouth watering Paleo kit (yummy!).

CFC at the Philadelphia 1/2 Marathon

Brian V (our website guru), who trains at CFC whenever he is in CT, and his girlfriend Julie, who won first place in FGB at our first annual S.O.L.E. (Special Olympics / Law Enforcement) Fitness Challenge this year, ran the Half Marathon in Philadelphia on Sunday, November 22 (which is why they could not join us at the Hot COCO 5K on Saturday) …