Pro-Strength Available At CFC

I finally had the opportunity to meet with Rick Stebbins — the founder of RNG Health — and am excited to announce we will now carry Pro-Strength, a protein supplement that is perfect for CrossFitters. Best of all, because of our bulk purchase, our price will be lower than an on-line order!

One of our coaches, Tanner Cook, met Rick at the 2010 Connecticut Open Olympic Weightlifting Competition in August (Rick trains with Coach Gary Valentine, who taught an Olympic Weightlifting seminar at CFC in January). Rick is a leading physical therapist and a strength and conditioning specialist. Tanner bought a bottle of Pro Strength and is very happy with the results he has seen so far. Claudine has also begun using Pro Strength, and is convinced it is making a big difference in her progress.

I believe there are several huge advantages to Pro-Strength, which is why I am now using it. This is the only product we carry and endorse at CFC; we have received a number of solicitations and requests to carry various big name brands, but after examining the ingredient lists, we have not carried any so far. This product is different, and I’ll explain why:

  • It is in liquid form and hydrolyzed (pre-digested), which means it is absorbed rapidly
  • It does not require refrigeration, making it convenient to take along with you
  • It does not need to be mixed; just take one cap full post workout
  • It is low in calories, gluten free, lactose free, and contains no fat and no cholesterol
  • It is collagen protein (not whey), which is a critical component of the human body
  • Collagen is the primary component of hair, skin, nails, ligaments, tendons, bones and muscles; as we age, our body decreases production of collagen
  • Because it is pre-digested and a small dosage, it will not cause the bloating or gastric upset which often occurs with other protein supplements

Most of us struggle to get the necessary amount of quality protein into our diets, especially if you try to follow a Paleo or Zone nutrition plan. This is a solution to that dilemma. Each bottle contains 22 servings of 17 grams of protein, so one bottle ($40) should last you for a while (after opening, bottle should be used within 90 days).

We have a limited number of brochures at the front desk.

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