Paleotrition’s Coconut Water On Sale

Paleotrition just contacted us today (Saturday) to inform us that they have a sale on their “Amy & Brian” Coconut Water which expires close of business Monday, December 20th (not much notice on this one!). They are reducing the price of a case of Coconut Water to $25/case (originally $30).

Four members have already ordered cases last time and were quite happy with the product. Gene and his son Matt did a hard WOD today, split a can of it after, and noticed a big difference in their recovery, and bought several cans to take with them. The cans are large enough (17.5 oz) for two generous servings, so I have been splitting mine up to make it last longer. The Coconut Water is naturally slightly sweet, but without any added sugar, and because of the electrolyte content, is described as “Nature’s Gatorade”.

They come in 3 varieties: without pulp, with pulp, and without pulp flavored with lime juice. Compared to the prices of this at Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods — this is a real bargain. If the order is received by Monday evening, they say they will deliver on Wednesday. Please contact me ASAP if you are interested.