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Issue: #4 March 2011

Welcome to the 4th edition of the Paleotrition Newsletter!  Our goal is simple – to provide you with great educational content to help you live healthier and teach others to do the same.  Please let us know how we’re doing!  Please forward this to anyone you think would enjoy it!  Also, you can see our other newsletters here:  Newsletter #1, Newsletter #2, Newsletter #3

What Makes a Diet Actually Work – Consistently and Persistently?

Many years of research suggest that there are 4 keys to successful diets: 

  1. Psychology (motivation)
  2. Exercise (compounding effect)
  3. Sociology/Family (support mechanisms)
  4. Physiology (eating the right things)

If you don’t address the human needs in each of these areas, you’re unlikely to succeed (consistently) over the long term (persistently).  Like most things in life, there aren’t many shortcuts or guarantees.


Suprisingly, most people only focus on 1 or 2 of these key areas.  Read the whole essay our researcher wrote on this here.  Thanks to Heath at CrossFit IronWill for recommending this topic!


A Smorgasborg of Great Paleo Recipes

We’ve been working for a while to find the best paleo recipes on the web.  Here are some of our favorites:

Recipes #1

Recipes #2


FEATURED PRODUCT – Lemon Meringue Fish Oil

This is the fish oil for people (like me) who don’t like the tasteLemon Meringue or aftertaste of most fish oils!


We’ve given out this product at events and have yet to find someone who doesn’t like the taste.  It really tastes like Lemon Merigue Pie!!!  Yet, it is sugarfee and has over 1800 mgs of Omega-3’s! 


Best of all, it is on sale for only $23.50!   

Amy and Brian’s Coconut Juice – Now Delivered at Wholesale Prices to Local CrossFits, Studios and Gyms in New England 
 Coconut WaterThe Best for Less 

Amy and Brian’s Coconut Juice is 100% Thai Young Coconut Juice.  Not from concentrate.  Not mixed with sugar or sugary juices. 

Coconut Juice (aka Coconut Water) is nature’s perfect sports drink.  Read more about the health benefits here.

With Amy and Brian, you get 17.5 oz per can for about what the “big soda companies” charge for their 10-14 oz containers! 

Paleotrition is now partnering with many New England CrossFits, Studios and Gyms to deliver Amy and Brian’s Coconut Juice every month to their customers by the case! 

Thanks for reading our newsletter.  Please email or call me with any comments, questions or suggestions for the next topics!

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