Paleo Seminar with Adam Farrah

Saturday 2/18/12 @ 10:00am

$20, Reserve your seat! Thought it would be appropriate to bring someone in to speak about Paleo/Clean eating following our six week Paleo challenge. I know there are a lot of questions out there and I can research and come back with a good answer, but lets get some real good answers and have a productive discussion regarding this lifestyle.

Adam Farrah is a popular blogger, author of “The Paleo Dieter’s Missing Link” and one half of the “Strong is the New Skinny” Team on Facebook. He holds a B.S. in Chemistry Cum Laude from the University of Connecticut and multiple CrossFit and IKFF Kettlebell Certifications.

Adam came close to death from Ulcerative Colitis during his stressful and sleep deprived career in the Biotech field and found his way to Paleo eating and living in his relentless efforts to regain health. Now fully healthy, happy and Paleo, Adam lives and trains in the tiny shoreline town of Old Saybrook, Connecticut where he grew up.

Adam has experimented with Paleo and “ancestral” diets since 2004 and takes an integrated and practical approach to Paleo and healthy eating and sees Paleo as a lifestyle that one takes on as opposed to a “diet” that requires deprivation and implies short term thinking.

Adam’s blog is Practical Paleolithic.

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