Paleo Meal iPhone App

We received this e-mail from Kristin Jekielek (from CrossFit South Philly) about an iPhone app, called PaleoGoGo, that she had developed. The app shows you Paleo-friendly meals as 300+ restaurants. The cost of the app is $4.99, and is available on iTunes. If you’re eating Paleo, then you are well aware how difficult it can be to choose a restaurant where you will be able to eat something delicious, and stay true to the program. So, take a look, and let us know what you think!

Hi Greg,

I found your email address on your website, and I am reaching out to you because of your position as a CrossFit box owner and potential Paleo advocate. I would like to introduce a great new Paleo product that is available to help people stay Paleo while on the go.

First, a little about me. My name is Kristin Jekielek, and I’ve been living Paleo for a year and a half now. As a young professional and CrossFitter (at CrossFitSouth Philly), I often find it challenging to maintain the Paleo lifestyle. However, the difficulty of overcoming these obstacles has provided me with great insight into how to eat right when time is short and resources are limited.

I have become passionate about the Paleo lifestyle because of the amazing benefits I have seen in my own life, and in the lives of others around me. This passion has been the primary driver in the creation of PaleoGoGo, an iPhone app which I have developed, and is now available on iTunes. The app provides users with over 2,000 specific meal suggestions at 300+ of the nation’s leading chain restaurants, to help you stay Paleo(~ish) while on the go. You can find more information about this product on or on our Facebook page.

I hope you or someone you know will find this app useful! Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or feedback you may have.

Best wishes,

Kristin Jekielek

PS – An Android version is in the plans and should be available in the first half of 2011!