Paleo Challenge 2011

We know this warm weather today is just a tease, but each day we are one day closer to Outdoor Training weather. And that means swim suits are not far behind. So let’s work on those behinds, and kick off another Paleo Challenge!

We have a lot of new members here now, so many were not able to get involved in the last Paleo Challenge. This does NOT preclude members who have been here for some time. This is a great opportunity to kick it up a notch and get serious about clean, smart eating habits. So starting Feb 28th, get in here and have someone take your pictures (shorts for guys, shorts and sports bras for gals): head shot, front, back and side views. We will not post any photos (before or afters) unless you approve. Contest will end on Sat April 9th.

What do I need to do to sign up?

  • Write your name down on the sign-up sheet in the gym.
  • Educate yourself about the program; there are a ton of free resources out there, including all sorts of recipes and tips to keep you on track. I will be happy to talk about it with you if you have any questions. Don’t get bogged down about minor contradictions (some sites say you can cheat once in a while – some say that will destroy your results; some say you can’t have coffee – some say you can, etc). People will search for things to debate. Don’t obsess. Focus on the primary concepts. Check out the Helpful Links page for sites with plenty of suggestions about what to eat.
  • Pay $10 to be contributed towards the “Winner’s Pot.”
  • Have your pictures taken. Keep reading, it’s not as bad as it sounds. The winners will be determined by before/after pictures. We will see which male and female leans out the most in 6 weeks and they will split the pot. The more people we have sign up, the greater potential for big winnings. Get your fellow CFC members involved! You suffer alongside each other during class — drag them along to participate in this challenge. Hold yourself accountable to a friend, enlist the aid of your spouse or partner.