Our Permanent Sign Is Up

Our permanent sign was installed today, courtesy of Gary Kosienski, owner of Kosienski Contstruction LLC (www.kosienskiconstruction.com). I have had the opportunity to watch Gary tackle a number of jobs around our building in the last two months, and I have to say, the man knows his craft. He is one of those guys who can tackle any job — big or small — and it comes out looking great. I would highly recommend him for any project; he is punctual, thorough, and honest.

CrossFit Cheshire

CrossFit Cheshire

CrossFit Cheshire

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  1. Gary says:
    Hi Greg,

    Thanks for the great PIC’S and your comments. Always good to have people notice good work.

    I like “Fran’s” (wall mounted) head.

    I have a ram that’s looking for company. Maybe I’ll bring it in & Fran & my ram can get to know each other.

    We’re working on a “Spa Bathroom” and starting on a Lake Cottage remodel. right after that. Then another bathroom is scheduled. So, business has been very steady and very good.

    I hope all is well, I’m seeing a steady increase in traffic in your parking lot, that’s usually a good barometer of business. Best of Luck! I know your working hard and deserve the best.

    See you soon,