“Mat Lalonde discusses The Paleo Diet”

In October of 2009, I drove to CrossFit Albany to attend the CrossFit Nutrition certification, and Matt was the presenter. After that, I switched from the Zone diet to the Paleo diet, and I have been very satisfied with the results. Where before I used to have pizza at least once a week, I have had two slices in 9 months and don’t miss it. Until you have tried this, don’t dismiss it – its impact on your health will be huge! Remember — “you cannot out-train a bad diet”. Matt is probably one of the smartest people I have ever met, and he knows nutrition and diet like few people do. Please read the article, bookmark the websites he references, and become educated about your food selection; it will make a huge difference in your weight, lean muscle mass, energy level, strength gains, quality of sleep, mood, recovery time — in short practically everything associated with your health and well being.