Hot COCO 5K Run: Photos

We had a very nice turnout for the Hot COCO 5K Road Race in Cheshire (13 members and 1 prospect). In a pre-run photo during registration, pictured is Greg, Marianne, Jess, Josh, Chris, and Corey (who, although not officially yet a member, participated and says he will be joining “soon” — I will keep you posted on that developing story…) Missing from the photo — as we were all scattered about — is the Dennehy family, Larry and Tanner, Paul, Amy, and Pat.

CrossFit Cheshire

The running Dennehys: Sierra, Lisa, and Jared (who ran a blistering 25 minute 5K, surprising everybody). Great job Jared!

CrossFit Cheshire

The entire Dennehy family… A happy, attractive, athletic bunch all with the same last name and same great smile!

CrossFit Cheshire

Post race shot of Josh, Marianne, Jess, and Paul.

CrossFit Cheshire

Another post race shot, but on this one I was able to find some kind soul to snap the picture for us. A great day for a run: partly sunny, no wind, mid 50s, rolling course, and surrounded by a cross section of happy, healthy people. What a wonderful Saturday!

CrossFit Cheshire

3 Replies to “Hot COCO 5K Run: Photos”

  1. Misery shared is misery halved, or something like that!

    Anyway, I think it is great when we can get a group together like that, which is why I am very much looking forward to your event at CFC on Thursday night (12/03) at 7:00 pm (shameless plug).

  2. This was a lot of fun!! Thanks Greg for organizing this event for us to do as a group.. it was nice to see so many of CFC shirts mingling in the group. 🙂 I agree with Larry….it wasn’t quite as painful for me to run with the group. 🙂 Great Effort by ALL!

  3. This was a lot of fun today (well, okay, as much fun as a 5k run can be for some of us). Running 5k with a few hundred other people is much better than slogging it out alone. Nice turnout from the CFC gang!

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