February 18th, 2010: Gene’s WOD

Gene “The Machine” put together two extremely impressive workouts on back to back days. Now, as background, Gene arrived at CFC shortly after we opened, and arrived in good physical shape, able to do one thousand push ups in a single workout at home, along with running and weight training.

That being said, he did a WOD on 09/25/09, which consisted of a 500m row, 21 Deadlifts at #135, 9 thrusters with 25# dumbbells, a 500m row, 15 Deadlifts, 15 dumbbell presses, a 500m row, 9 Deadlifts, and 21 dumbbell push presses. The first time he attempted this, he had a time of seventeen minutes and 8 seconds. On Tuesday, 2/16/10, he repeated this WOD and recorded a time of eleven minutes and one second. He was able to reduce his time by more than six minutes!

The following day, he duplicated a grueling WOD from 09/28/09, which was 4 rounds of 30 Russian Twists, Push Ups, KB Swings, and Box Jumps. 5 months ago it took Gene 37 minutes and 10 seconds; on Wednesday, 02/17/10, he slashed that time to nineteen minutes and 32 seconds!

Gene is a well tuned machine (perhaps an older model from “The Terminator” series).

CrossFit Cheshire

CrossFit Cheshire

CrossFit Cheshire

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