Dave G’s Before and After

As Dave G’s 4 month (and $50 bet) came to a close last week, he sent us an e-mail outlining his accomplishments during that period, as well as some impressive photos! Congrats, Dave …

Hi Greg –

Here are my before and after pictures, as promised. It should be pretty obvious which are which. In retrospect, I have come a long way, and it is a great feeling. I lost my fifty dollar bet fair and square, but the fact remains that I lost forty-one pounds of fat in 16 weeks. (April 19th to August 16th) Even though my coworker Erik won the bet, he admitted that he thought I did a great job which was both unexpected and way cool.

This morning I went into the Amity Starbucks. I haven’t been in that one for 3-4 months because I usually take a different route to work and hit the one in Shelton. Anyway, Moira, the sweetheart cashier, greeted me – “Hello David! Where have you been? We missed you! Wow – you lost so much weight – you look great!” I have to say, it felt really good.

My original intention was to join CrossFit just until my big fiftieth birthday last week, then quit. But since joining in mid-April, there has been such a transformation on so many levels in *addition* to the physical ones that I won’t be leaving anytime soon. But yesterday’s goal is already old news, and I have to set some new ones. Back to business I guess.

See you soon,


CrossFit Cheshire

CrossFit Cheshire

3 Responses so far.

  1. Dave G. says:
    Thanks! (A great gym with knowledgeable and encouraging coaches sure helps!)
  2. CrossFit Cheshire says:
    Funny you should say that, because I first met Dave in the late 70’s, and he was always that way: one he got into something, he dedicated himself to it (guitar, karate, computers, and now CrossFit). He is a showcase as to the results that can be achieved with consistency and determination.
  3. Ixnay says:
    GREAT JOB you MMF (don’t ask)!
    You reaaly hit it hard with great determination! i have known you since we were 14 years old, and you have ALWAYS done that! I admire that trait in you and try to be more like that myself…there is no reason to do anything unless you are all in!
    Keep it up my friend…you can go back to the before pictures much easier and faster the after…you have worked too hard to stop now.