“CrossFit Chicks Are Hot.”

Beyond the Body (http://journal.crossfit.com/2010/04/beyond-the-body.tpl)
by Louis Hayes

CrossFit girls are beautiful—but Louis Hayes believes it’s more about attitude and determination than appearance.

CrossFit chicks are hot.

Ever hear that saying? Well, it’s true. And here’s why: Being “hot” has a lot more to it than physical appearance. Plenty of women and girls have all the physical components and gifts of the cover girl but simply “aren’t hot.” And then there are those magnetic ones who might never be a runway model but are irresistible.

CrossFit chicks swim upstream. They battle against all the images of female physical fitness that have been implanted since birth. They fight the self-limiting mentality put upon their gender community. CrossFit chicks possess a confidence, commitment and sense of accomplishment that puts them at the forefront of their gender. They know the anxiety of stepping up to competition. They savor the taste of victory. They sweat, suck wind and give their all. They are part of a community that snuffs out the mantra of popular culture—the CrossFit community.

Somewhere, each female CrossFitter was introduced to a new, unorthodox philosophy of physical fitness. It’s a model that allows women and girls to face their fears and weaknesses and learn how to win. They learn the movements and programming and attitude that put them on the pathway to a place the gym teachers and TV infomercials told them they could not go.

And once these ladies get on the path, there is no turning back. The confidence seeps though their pores. The resolve shows on their faces. Resilience shines through. These traits are common to all CrossFit chicks, and there is an added element of beauty and attraction given to these women.

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3 Responses so far.

  1. Brian says:
    Agreed. I don’t mind jumping on this bandwagon!
  2. Marianne says:
    yup… crossfit chicks are DEFINITELY hot!!! 🙂
  3. claudine says:
    I concur.