“Chocol-ade? Study finds chocolate milk works well after exercising”

The link below is to an article from the New Haven Register’s website which outlines a study done by William Lunn, a newly hired assistant professor of exercise science at Southern Connecticut State University. The study compares drinking sports drinks versus chocolate milk post-workout, and their effects on the body.


4 Responses so far.

  1. Larry says:
    And it tastes good! Especially when it’s really, really cold!
  2. Brian says:
    Made a believer out of me! First stop today is to go get some Chocolate Milk!
  3. Greg says:
    If you ever see the numbers and weight that Tanner puts up, then you know it’s effective!
  4. Tanner says:
    I’ve been using chocolate milk after all of my workouts for the past 3 years…I haven’t found any other supplements that can mimic it’s nutritional value or efficiency, it is the perfect PWO insulin spike, due to it’s carbohydrate content from the natural milk sugars and the sugar in the chocolate syrup. And because of milk’s fat to protein ratio the amino acids are well balanced making it a complete protein. I currently take it about 20 minutes after my workout (which is about 15 minutes after i take my shot of pro-strength), combining the pro-strength and chocolate milk gives for the perfect combination of quick protein, and quick carbs, amino acids, and calories.