CFC at the Philadelphia 1/2 Marathon

Brian V (our website guru), who trains at CFC whenever he is in CT, and his girlfriend Julie, who won first place in FGB at our first annual S.O.L.E. (Special Olympics / Law Enforcement) Fitness Challenge this year, ran the Half Marathon in Philadelphia on Sunday, November 22 (which is why they could not join us at the Hot COCO 5K on Saturday).

CrossFit Cheshire

Brian ran the same race last year, and he is convinced his improved time of 1:35:06 (compared with last year’s time of 1:44:54), is because of his CrossFit training. It is hard to convince runners that less running and more CrossFit will increase improve their times, but this experiment has now been repeated so many times with consistent results, that it should be considered irrefutable evidence by now.

CrossFit Cheshire

Ususally the blood is on the hands from pullups after an “Angie” or “Murph”, but in this case Brian’s piggies took the beating. Perhaps he should just buy red running shoes from now on …

CrossFit Cheshire

Again, great job and obviously great effort!

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