Altered Snow Schedule – 01/11/11

Due to the impending weather event, we want to give everyone sufficient notice that we will be closed on Wednesday, January 12th. It appears to be the appropriate thing to do based upon the predictions, plus it will allow the plow to clean the entire lot properly.

The regular Wednesday After-School Program is re-scheduled to Thursday, same times. BJJ classes for that night are also canceled.

Try to make it in today (Tuesday), and use Wednesday as your recovery day.

For those of you who feel the need, consider this at-home WOD: Black Jack of Push Ups and Jump Squats. Start at 21 Push Ups and 1 Jump Squat, then continue through (20 Push Ups and 2 Jump Squats, 19 Push Ups and 3 Jump Squats) until you finish at 1 Push Up and 21 Jump Squats. For the mathematically challenged, that comes out to a total of 231 of each.

If that is too daunting, consider doing just the odd numbers (21 Push Ups and 1 Jump Squat, 19 Push Ups and 3 Jump Squats, 17 Push Ups and 5 Jumps Squats). That will reduce it to 121 of each.

Or you can just shovel snow.