After School Program

Registrations are on-going. The program starts September 1st …

GRADES 6th – 8th
Monday & Wednesday: 4:30pm – 5:30pm


  • Provide a safe training environment / Intensity is age specific
  • Teach and emphasize technique on all exercises

  • Exercises will focus on improving Strength, Agility and overall Conditioning.
  • Balance, Core Strength, and Functional Training are unique aspects of the program, which will translate into improved Athletic Ability.
  • In addition to performance gains, increased muscular strength along with improved joint stability has been shown to reduce the risk of injury.
  • Includes: Body weighted exercises, Circuit training, and introduction to Resistance Training.

Youth Conditioning Rates grades 6 – 8: $135 per month ($143.10 w/ CT sales tax) / $25 Drop-in rate

GRADES 9th – 12th
Monday & Wednesday: 3:30pm – 4:30pm

    CrossFit programming develops excellent Strength and Conditioning

  • Agility training with plyometrics and cone drills
  • Speed improvement with running technique

Youth Conditioning Rates grades 9 – 12: $175 per month ($185.50 w/ CT sales tax) $25 Drop-in rate

The AS Program coach is Christopher Sullivan. He is a certified CrossFit Level I coach and an 8th grade social studies teacher in the Cheshire Public School System. His athletic background is primarily in soccer, playing in the Olympic Developmental Program then moving on to play Division I at the University of Vermont and semi-professionally prior to his teaching career. He was an assistant varsity soccer coach in New Canaan and ran their pre-season conditioning program. He was also responsible for creating a 6 week summer sport camp for Foote School in New Haven. His coaching experience spans from varsity to premier to middle school.

How To Sign Up For Youth Conditioning:

How to sign up for Youth Conditioning: Please contact Greg ( or Chris ( either by e-mail or telephone (203-272-6846) about participation. You can also stop by CrossFit Cheshire to Sign-up!