About Statulo

CFC has registered with Statulo.us so that our members can register and utilize this free service to track all of their workouts. All of the CrossFit benchmark workouts (Fran, Karen and the rest of the “girls”), along with Hero workouts (Murph, Daniel, etc) are in a convenient “drop-down” menu. In addition, you will find “one-rep max” lifts, times for distance rows and runs, body weight, and other measures in the “drop-down” menu. You can also enter any WOD as a Custom workout. The obvious benefit to this is to have a retrievable system, so if we post a WOD that was previously done here, you can go back and find it. In addition, you can search any lift to see what you did the last time you made that same lift — just “search” that exercise, and the system will give you every WOD you entered that had that same exercise.

More about Statulo.us:

statulo.us specializes in statistics for CrossFit named workouts. In addition to CrossFit, statulo.us tracks Body Weight, Running Pace, 1 Rep Max lifts, etc. You can also create your own custom workout categories to log and graph those workouts too!

Keeping workout and fitness logs can be a drag. Track your stats quickly and easily online with statulo.us! You can even search through your workouts to find that long forgotten Holiday morning workout from last year.

Seeing your progress in graph form can be a great motivator to keep at it! At statulo.us you’ll get great looking graphs for each workout category so you can quickly see your progress.

With statulo.us you can:

  • Share your workouts via RSS
  • Connect with your friends to keep track of each other
  • Join your gym’s staulo.us log to see everyone’s workouts in one place
  • Automatically post your workouts to twitter