“A Long List of Excuses”

Checkout a very worthwhile article written by Merle McKenzie over at CrossFit USA. It addresses many of the concerns and excuses we hear in the CrossFit community as to why training at a CrossFit gym is not an option.


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  1. Dave G. says:
    I definitely agree with you guys. That quote is NOT the best way to get people into the CF fold. It comes across as almost militant and elitist, a sure way to turn people off. Nevertheless, when I read it, it cracked me up.
  2. Brian V. says:
    Couldn’t agree more. You want to let people know how much good the program can do for them, but in a helpful and positive way. Letting people know how disastrously out-of-shape they are, and how bad their life is going to be if they do NOT join may not be the best approach to getting people in the door.
  3. Patrick says:
    I agree totally with these excuses for not doing crossfit as being completely bogus. But telling people that they suck isn’t the best marketing tool, it just might piss them off and they will use it to justify one of their excuses for not joining a crossfit gym. Then the gym loses money and the patron loses a great opportunity to fall in love with crossfit and change their life for the better.

    Just a thought,
    Pat Weed

  4. Dave G. says:
    Great read! The following excerpt gets my nomination for quote of the week! Made me laugh out loud!

    “I don’t want to sweat or or feel bad during a hard training session: well, the simple truth is you are lazy and you suck.”