Monthly Archives: January 2013

WOD Friday 1/25/13

Strength : Strict Press 8 x 2 ” Perez Birthday Challenge” (20 Min AMRAP) Crab Walks Down and Back 35 GI Janes 35 Wall Balls 20/14 35 Abmat Sit-ups 35 Sand Bag Step-ups 24/20″ – 45/25bags 35 Double Unders

WOD Friday 1/18/13

Skill: Muscle Up Transitions IVAN THE TERRIBLE 50-40-30-20-10 Lunges Push-Ups Sit-Ups Jump Rope 90 Seconds to start, then 90 seconds of Jump Ropes between rounds

February Changes

CROSSFIT CHESHIRE OPEN 7-DAYS A WEEK (starting February) by popular request. You talk & we listen! Please check the board at CFC for schedule additions/changes as well as some exciting membership package options. We aim to please. Love ya ­čÖé

Hello 9:30 AM Class!!!

After speaking with many mid-morning members it has come to our attention that 9:30 would be favorable over 12:30 class.  Starting next week 1/14/2013 we will no longer have a 12:30PM class.  The 9:30AM class is back in action.  Open members please be mindful of this change.  Thank you!

WOD Friday 1/11/2013

WOD Friday 01/11/2013 3X400M Sprints (3 min rest between sprints) “Mary” 20 Min AMRAP 5 HSPU 10 Alternating one legged squats 15 Pull Ups Wall Climbs to scale HSPU Boxes to scale Pistols