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Paleo Challenge 2011

We know this warm weather today is just a tease, but each day we are one day closer to Outdoor Training weather. And that means swim suits are not far behind. So let’s work on those behinds, and kick off another Paleo Challenge!

Special Olympics’ Penguin Plunge

One of the members here at CrossFit Cheshire, Jon E, recently alerted us to the fact that he will be partaking in the Special Olympics’ sponsored event, The Penguin Plunge. I wanted to post the e-mail in case there are some others at CFC who would like to contribute to this very worthwhile cause.

Guts Poker – 02/13/11

208 playing cards, and we still ran out of cards with 3 minutes left on the clock (and if Lori S had made it, we would have run out of cards a lot sooner!)! Time for another deck…

14 players this week, with Joe G walking off with $13 of OPP (Other Players’ Property).

Click here to see all the photos!

Rugged Maniac – 09/24/11

Josh and Jess, two of our coaches, informed us that they signed up for the 9:00am wave of the Rugged Maniac in Southwick, MA. The adventure race takes place on September 24th, 2011, is a 5k, and is either $48, $58, $68, or $78, depending on how early you sign-up.

We wanted to post it here in hopes to drum up some more interest from other CFCers!

For more details:

CFTBL CrossFight Seminar

On Sunday February 13, 2011 from 10-12 noon we will be having a seminar that combines the basics of Mixed Martial Arts with CrossFit for a “CrossFight Seminar”. Students will learn basic, boxing, kickboxing and MMA techniques which we will combine with CrossFit exercises for a complete workout utilizing both. See attached flyer. Space is limited to 20 people. Call or email to register. CFTBL and BJJA members are FREE! Otherwise it’s $20. Email or call if you have any questions … [Read More]