Monthly Archives: November 2010

Paleo Challenge 2010: 1 Week To Go!

Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday. Time to get back on track though! One week to go in the PALEO CHALLENGE. Buckle down.

Paleotrition at CFC

Paleotrition will be at CFC 9:00am on Saturday, Dec 4th to speak about the benefits of Paleo eating, and more.

Closed For Thanksgiving!

CrossFit Cheshire wants to wish everyone a Happy and WOD-Free Thanksgiving, as the gym will be closed for business on Thursday. We will re-open on Friday with a normal operating schedule.

2011 CT Olympic Weightlifting Competitions

An invitation to all CrossFitters.

“What CrossFit Has Taught Me”

“I worked out at the local “Globo Gym” today for the first time in a while since joining my local CrossFit. As I stood there surrounded by super skinny 115 lb women, I had a mini awakening. Pre-Crossfit, I would have compared myself to those women and been crabby for the rest of the day (god bless Kevin for staying with me through my ‘crazy’ days)” … [Read More]