Monthly Archives: October 2010

Results From NAGA Tournament in RI

Congratulations to BJJ Instructor Adam Laudano for taking 2nd place in the Brown & Black Belt Division at the NAGA (North American Grapplers Association) Tournament held in Rhode Island this past weekend.

One of Adam’s students, Pete Warzycha, also placed 2nd in the Novice Light Heavy Division.

Great job guys!

2010 CrossFit Total Competition @ SECTCF

As I may have already informed you, we are hosting the 2010 CrossFit Total on Saturday, October 30th at 10am. We highly encourage all interested parties to compete because it’ll be fun and focusing on competition helps raise your game to the next level. Don’t use excuses like “I don’t stand a chance” or some bullshit like that. I’ve entered, and will continue to enter, plenty of competitive events knowing I wasn’t going to win. Drop your ego and step into the arena. And that means you too ladies … [Read More]

Before and Afters

Here are a few side by side comparisons of some CFC members. People tend to obsess about their body weight and dropping clothing sizes, and forget how exercise and proper nutrition changes many things about us, including the way our faces look … [Read More]

Paleo Challenge 2010: Update

As of start time (November 1st), we had 35 participants in the CrossFit Cheshire Paleo Challenge! The following CFCers have signed up … Amy F, Brenda W, Delaney S, Don C, Eric B, Frank B, Frank C, Gretchen M, J Mac, Jen L, Jen T, Jeremy P, Jess C, Jesse J, Joe G, John F, John M, Jon E, Kathy K, Kim J, Kim S, Kori A, Kyle P, Larry C, Lori S, Matt B, Matt G, Pat W, Paul D, Rob V, Steve H, Sue P, Tim M, Tom S, and Vilma D!

Paleo Challenge 2010

A 6-week challenge to get lean using the Paleo Diet.