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Warrior Dash 2011

A 3.23 mile race, 13 obstacles, viking hats, costumes, beer, and turkey legs. Click for info.


Due to the recent increase of new members, we will expand class times. Starting October 1st, we will now offer 5pm classes all week long (Mon – Fri), but will discontinue the 6pm class on Fridays.

Warrior Dash 2010: Race Times

So here are the results for the CFC members who participated in the Warrior Dash … [Read More]

Warrior Dash 2010: Recap

Here are a few shots of the CFC group at the Warrior Dash, at Windham Mountain, from this past weekend. In attendance from the gym were Greg D, Josh C, Jess C, Dave S, Claudine G, and Kevin Z. Everyone had an incredible time, and we’re hoping to have an even bigger group next year … with matching viking uniforms … or maybe just t-shirts! … [Read More]

September 17th, 2010: “Helen” WOD

HELEN was on tap and the first groups through were Scott, Steve R, Tom S, Suzy P, Jason, Marianne, Larry, Mark, and Delaney[Read More]