Warrior Dash Training!

From Claudine: “If anyone is interested, there is a great trail at Sleeping Giant that will get us ready for the Warrior Dash. It is only about 35 – 45 minutes UP (as in, straight up), and then a quick run down on the main trail. It kicks your ass fast! Just like CrossFit. I am usually around during the days, except for Mondays, during the summer. If we go on a Sunday afternoon, we should carpool, because they charge for parking on the weekends. Let me know if you’re interested, and your schedule. And don’t be afraid of heights. There is only one part of the trail where you could fall, and possibly die.”

“Better TV” Filming Chaos Class

“Better TV” was here today shooting a story about CrossFit and took footage of the afternoon “Chaos” class. Those who did not chicken out (or were just unaware that today was the day of the filming) were Mike H, Julia N, Frank G and Matt G. Yours truly sputtered and stuttered his way through the interview with Lauren Long, a beauty who trains at CrossFit New London, where a similar interview was done.