Monthly Archives: February 2010

February 26th, 2010: WOD

Everyone loves a good fight, so on Friday, 2/26, there was a big turnout for Fight Gone Ugly (yet another CFC version of Fight Gone Bad!). Deadlifts, Ring Push Ups, Seated Box Jumps (especially cruel), KB Swings, and Dumbbell Push Press. Ouchey. In various stages of discomfort are Rob J, Steve R, Rob V, Pedro R, Jess G, John E, Nick M, and Josh C.

February 25th, 2010: AS Program

The AS (After School) program continues to thrive, with Coach Chris overseeing the activites: Sarah, Matt, Ethan, Chris, and Ethan all getting in some Wall Ball work. Tuff stuff!

February 25th, 2010: WOD

Wednesday’s WOD was no joke: Back Squats, and plenty of ’em. 100 Back Squats at 50% Body Weight, with a 5 Burpee penalty each time one had to rack the bar (I never thought I would say that 5 Burpees actually felt good). And Gene “The Machine” tackled a descending / ascending WOD of 165# Deadlifts and 165# Bench Press [Read More] …

Team Jenifer – Join the Movement – Help Fight MS

Team Jenifer is a group of friends and family who participate in the Travelers Walk MS in Cheshire, CT each year. The team is named in honor of Jenifer Walsh of Cheshire, who was diagnosed with MS in 1998. We invite you to join us [Read More] …

About Statulo

CFC has registered with so that our members can register and utilize this free service to track all of their workouts. All of the CrossFit benchmark workouts (Fran, Karen and the rest of the “girls”), along with Hero workouts (Murph, Daniel, etc) are in a convenient “drop-down” menu. In addition, you will find “one-rep max” lifts, times for distance rows and [Read More] …