Monthly Archives: January 2010

“10 Psychological Keys To Keeping Your Exercise Commitment”

Research has shown that it isn’t easy to stick to an exercise regime. “Many people drop out after about four days,” Dr. Michael Asken says. “They say hanging in takes willpower. But willpower is really a set of psychological factors or behavioral skills that allows someone to succeed.”

CrossFit Presentation @ POST and CSP Academy

On Monday, January 26, an explanation and introduction to CrossFit was presented at the Police Officer Standards & Training Council / Connecticut State Police Training Academy in Meriden by Dale Saran of CrossFit HQ. Besides having owned CrossFit Veritas in RI, Dale has competed in the CrossFit Games, is a major in the United States Marine Corps Reserves, a USMC Judge Advocate and trial attorney, and served as a combat helicopter pilot in Afghanistan [Read More] …

January 25th, 2010: Morning WOD

What a great way to start the week! The 2 Robs, Jay, Scott, and Steve knocked off a two rounder of 25’s: 95# Push Press, AbMat Sit Ups, Walking Lunges, KB Swings, MB Slams, and Squats. Solid effort and good pace from start to finish.

Rowing Certifcation @ CrossFit USA

Photos from the CrossFit Concept 2 Rowing Certification, held at CrossFit USA on Jan 23, 2010. CFC Coaches Greg Dillon and Marianne Urbanski attended this one day seminar presented by Angela Hart, a CrossFit Level II Instructor and Concept 2 Master Instructor. We received instruction in rowing technique and fundamentals, workout programming, and even maintenance of the rowers. I know, between the morning WOD and the afternoon WOD, I rowed more in one day than I had in any [Read More] …

January 20th, 2010: WOD

The 1/20/10 WOD today was two fold: strength & endurance; first, 5 sets of 5 Back Squats, then 5 sets of 10 Presses. Finally a 1600 meter (one mile) row for time. Jess G and Justine L (two excellent athletes) each tackled it mid-morning. Jess came in with a row time of 7:15, which is a very good time, and Justine crushed it with a time of 6:45. Great job, especially after some heavy lifting! These girls rock!