2010 Connecticut Open Olympic Weightlifting competition

On Sunday, August 1st, CrossFit Cheshire members Tanner Cook and Eric Brandom competed in the 2010 Connecticut Open Olympic Weightlifting competition. This is an annual event sponsored by Connecticut Weightlifting and held at Blue Streak Sports Training in Stamford, CT.

Tanner’s best lifts for the snatch and the clean & jerk were 60kg (132 lbs) and 85kg (187 lbs), respectively, for a total of 145kg (319 lbs). Eric totaled 240kg (528 lbs), hitting 110kg (242 lbs) in the snatch and 130kg (286 lbs) in the clean & jerk. Tanner finished 3rd in the Junior division of the 69kg (152 lb)weight class, while Eric finished 2nd in the Open division of the 105kg (231 lbs) weight class.

They both were very impressive, and the fact that they are “unattached lifters” (that is, they do not belong to a USA Weightlifting facility) left many at the meet wondering “where did these guys come from?”.

Congratulations Tanner and Eric!

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  1. Marc Lamberty says:
    Great job!!