Monthly Archives: December 2009

CFC Closed on 01/30/10 for Oly Lifting Seminar

CFC will be closed on Saturday, January 30th all day due to the Olympic Lifting Seminar being held here that day [Read More] …

CFC Hoodies Have Arrived

Our resident hunk, John U, is sporting the new CFC hooded sweatshirt. Perfect pre- and post-WOD wear.

“2010 Fitness Trends: Efficient, Cheap and Trendy”

Several of the topics addressed in the recently published “2010 Fitness Trends” pertain directly to CrossFit training. The American Council on Exercise made specific mention of four areas that are already incorporated into CrossFit training: Time Efficient Workouts, Group Training, Importance of Proper Professional Credentials, and Boomer Specific Programs

CFC Members Collage

(Click on pic!) Proudly displayed within CFC is our uber Web Designer Brian’s Christmas gift to his Godfather: a collage of CFC athletes doing what CrossFit athletes do: train hard. Next time you are in, check it out. I keep spotting different things I missed since the last time I looked at it. Perfect gift!

December 26th, 2009: Guts Poker

Saturday, December 26th was another cut throat Guts Poker event, in which Rob J, Kathy K, Brian V, John U, Amy F, and Marianne U threw down. With Herculean effort and a little luck, John U took another Paleo Kit and pot home with him, playing 4 Kings (one wild card in there) …