Monthly Archives: July 2009

Starting CrossFit Training

I would just like to remind you, now that you are CrossFit training, you will begin to see results, some obvious and some subtle.

One way to track results is to simply have someone take a photograph of you in your bathing suit (or whatever!) — front and back — and then take another photograph in 90 days. A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say.

The scale helps, but as we have already discussed, losing fat while gaining lean muscle mass will not be accurately reflected on a scale;…

On Ramp Sessions

Frank tenaciously tackles the workout at the end of his 2nd On Ramp session, which covered the deadlift, back squat, and front squat.  Frank hit it hard, as usual, and was soaked by the end of the session.  Great effort, Frank, you will do well here and we are proud to have you!

July 28th, 2009: 6PM WOD

One of our newest members, Mark, came in for his first WOD after completing his three (3) on-ramp sessions. He joined Pam and Linda for an intense workout that left everyone sweating and gasping for breath. Great effort by all!

CrossFit In the News

Jason Leydon, of CrossFit Milford, and Rob Orlando, of Hybrid Athletics – CrossFit Strongman, were recently featured on ABC’s WTNH…

Website Traffic

One month after launching our website, we have received over 730 unique visitors, accounting for more than 68,500 hits to this site. This confirms the public’s growing awareness of CrossFit, and our facility in particular. Thanks to everyone who is getting the word out, and talking about our great CrossFit community. We hope the trend …

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